28 March 2023

A week in Suleymanya

I went to Iraq on a business trip. I was in Suleymanya, one of the main cities in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is maybe the safest area in Iraq. With their own language and culture, it is difficult to include this region and its people in the stereotypes that we all have about Iraq. Due to the “volatile” situation of this country, we always moved with an escort and I was not able to leave the hotel during my free time. What I saw during my week in Iraq is a country that is growing fast, with so many buildings and factories under construction. People are very kind and very welcoming. Old men are still dressed in baggy trousers and turban, with a big mustache like my Ali Baba’s cartoons. Young generation look enthusiast, well prepared and want to do great things. They just need a little bit of our help.


In Iraq there are only two seasons: dry and rainy season. In October, dry season was finishing and landscapes were a palette of yellow colors. During rainy season it can rain very hard and in December or January it can even snow.

Dry season in Iraq
Dry season in Iraq

 Last Updates :

  • 18/08/14. Unfortunately, this region is not safe again.