26 March 2023

Armenia: conclusion and tips


  • 8 days;

  • 2 visa entries;

  • 5 monasteries (this makes 1,6 monastery /day);

  • 1 super barbecue;

  • 1 sprained ankle;

  • 1 birthday celebration 🙂

What I liked MOST

  • Country rich in history;

  • Nightlife in Yerevan.

What I liked LEAST

  • It is a country that has suffered a lot and somehow you can still feel it;

  • Soviets made a lot of damage to Armenian heritage;

  • Marshrutkas (shared vans) don’t have limit of passengers. When it is full and you think you are going to leave, expect 10 more passengers.

Useful Information :

  • Book your accommodation in Yerevan in advance. Rooms in Yerevan are expensive.