26 March 2023

Australia: conclusions and tips


  • 19 days;

  • 4 states, 3 time differences;

  • 4 domestic flights (Qantas and Jet Star);

  • 6 friends met;

  • two fish and chips and two Aussie barbecues;

  • 3.5 hikes;

  • koalas, kangaroos, a baby dingo and a spider-brontosaurus (in the toilet) spotted. No sharks or snakes (thankfully!);

  • 1 destination still to check (Tasmania) . . .

What I liked MOST

  • Anna, Rafa, baby A, Vani, Sowmya and Fathya;

  • Australians are very cool!

  • Sydney and Uluru, two dreams come true;

  • After 3 months of rice and noodles, back to western food (and salads, and ice creams . .);

  • Despite other people say, I like Australian accent  :-p


What I liked LEAST

  • Australian ales;

  • Expensive country;

  • Far, far away 🙁

Useful Information :

  • Long distances between main destinations, check flight prices instead of eternal bus or car rides;

  • Remember to ask for your Tourist Visa before arriving to Australia!

  • When booking accommodation, facilities like common kitchen are basic to save money.

3 thoughts on “Australia: conclusions and tips

  1. Hola Eli.
    Quines fotos més xules¡¡¡¡¡ Portan’s un Koala que a la mama li encantarà…si et deixan jejejejejeje



  2. Thanks Badr! Amusez-vous bien en Austealie et envoyez-moi une photo par watsup, ok? 😉

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