26 March 2023

Bolivia: conclusions and tips




  • 19 days, always above 3.600 m;

  • traveled by bus, jeep, cable car and boat;

  • my first 5.000m mountain pass (by jeep);

  • 2 strikes;

  • 1 MUST missed (because of the strikes);

  • 3 amulets;

  • many Bolivian cakes 🙂


What I liked MOST

  • Exotic country;

  • The cost of living (everything is very cheap);

  • Amazing wild landscapes;

  • Buses always leave on time;

  • Colorful cholitas on the streets;

  • La Paz : an unexpected nice surprise.


What I liked LEAST

  • The altitude: I was breathless after the minimum effort!;

  • The strikes and heavy rains that changed my plans;

  • Very cold at night and hostels are not well equipped for that;

  • The cost of entry tickets for many tourist attractions was exaggerated (for Bolivian standards).


My Bolivia Pictures :