Sep 29 2014

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China: conclusions and tips




  • 30 days in 10 provinces with three different currencies;

  • 6 days hiking;

  • traveled by plane, train, tuk tuk, car, bicycle, bamboo raft and ferry;

  • 2345643 kg of noodles and rice eaten;

  • 2 Big Mac’s (yes I know that it’s not good, but I needed them desperately . . .)

  • some Tsing Tao s 🙂

  • many “Lost in Translation” moments 🙁



* The tips below are for China Mainland, unless otherwise stated

What I liked MOST

  • Amazing and very different landscapes;

  • Unique historical and archaeological sites;

  • The pandas, so cute!

  • Moon cakes;

  • Tibetan food;

  • In Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor from its many points of view;

  • People in Hong Kong, so nice and kind!


What I liked LEAST

  • Chinese people (scratching, burping, blowing their nose with their hands and without any respect for the others);

  • Chinese food;

  • Few people speak English so traveling independently was hard, very hard!

  • Walking on wooden walkways in Natural Parks;

  • All those security controls at the entrance of every metro and train stations;

  • Public toilets on the road;

  • The ethnic variety, especially in the South provinces, has become a tourist trap so not interesting anymore;

  • The continuous noise, anywhere and anytime.



Useful Information :

  • Avoid traveling in China during the Golden Week, when all China travels. If you are in China while the Golden Week, DON’T MOVE;

  • Try to book train tickets (sleeper class) as soon as possible, they are sold out very fast! You can buy them 18 days in advance from any train station;

  • Have always 1 yuan notes on hand for the bus;

  • A Chinese – English Translator mobile application can be very useful, Chinese don’t speak English and won’t do any effort to to understand you;

  • A gps can also be very useful in big cities (don’t expect many helpful Chinese on your way);

  • A big dose of patience is compulsory.

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