Sep 27 2014

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Dragon’s Back (and other hikes in Hong Kong)

Hong Kong not only means business, shopping malls and restaurants. More than 70% of Hong Kong is mountain and forests so it is also a great place for hiking, with many mountain walks with panoramic vistas of offshore islands within an hour or so of the urban area. I learnt about it few months ago thanks to a Lonely Planet’s article about the Dragon’s Back Hike and I decided I would dedicate few days to explore Hong Kong’s hiking side.

The best place to start is Victoria Park, Hong Kong’s largest park located on the edge of Causeway Bay at 552 m. The coolest way to reach this park is taking the Peak Tram, the first funicular railway in Asia and one of Hong Kong’s main attractions.


Once the top reached there are many nice walks in the park, being the Peak Circle (3.5 km) the most interesting one with stunning views over Victoria Harbor. I also did the Morning Trail (2.8 Km) but this one is better for its forests than for the views.





On Saturday Edith took me to the Dragon’s Back. This was my “must hike” in Hong Kong, not only for its cool name but also because it has also been voted as “The Best Urban Hiking Trail in Asia” by Time magazine.


Dragon’s Back is an easy hike connecting Wan Cham Shan (226m) and Shek O Peak (228m) through D’Aguilar Peninsula. This path ondulates between these hill tops like the shape of a dragon’s backbone, that’s why it has this name. Views from Shek O Peak are spectacular but with a temperature of 34C I preferred the shade of the forest part, lol. The trek ended as usual, with a cold beer in good company . . . at Cococabana by the beach, lol.



On Sunday Edith wanted to do a hike through deserted beaches in Sai Kung East Park which looked really interesting but unfortunately I had to cancel due to some technical issues. No problem, now I have the perfect excuse to come back to Hong Kong one day! 😉

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  1. Sharon

    Beautiful photos but I have to make a correction. Victoria Park is not at the top of the Peak Tram. That’s Victoria Peak. You’re right, Victoria Park is in Causeway Bay, but that’s a whole different district. I also don’t recommend the Peak Tram going up. The lines are horrendous. Take a bus or a taxi up, making sure the cabbie runs the meter. (Some will try to snag tourists with a flat rate fare.) Then take the tram back down. If you really like to hike, you can walk up to the Peak. BTW, you can see my apartment building in the fourth photo. It’s pink on the left.

    Happy travels!

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