26 March 2023

From Buddha to Buddha

Between Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the two main historical sites of the Cultural Triangle, there are many interesting things that can keep you busy for a while.

We chose Dambulla as base camp to visit around. Before getting there, we stopped at Aukana to say hi! to its Buddha. Legend says it was sculpted in Vth century while other sources talk about XVIIth or XIIIth centuries. Whatever, this 12m hight Buddha is very impressive and deserves a detour if you have plenty of time.


At Dambulla we visited its famous Cave Temples, a place of worship since 1st century BC. The first sight of the site is not very impressive but the caves inside are amazing! Bright paintings and more than 150 Buddhas in different positions are displayed in 5 caves of different size. The soft lightning makes the atmosphere even more special, it is a place to spend hours and hours. I took many pictures inside the caves, some better than others, but this is a place that you should see with your own eyes!




My tips:

  • You cannot take pictures posing in front of Buddhas. It is considered very offensive by locals and you can risk jail.