28 March 2023

It smells of holidays!

After almost 24 hours travelling my first contact with Sri Lanka was in Negombo, a fishing village at only 40 km from the airport. A long beach, some palms, colorful houses, the ice cream camion playing “it’s a small world” . . hummm . . It smells of holidays!

Negombo is strongly influenced by the Catholic Church and even if it’s just a beach town there are many churches around. Dutch also left some heritage like the fort (today Negombo’s prison) and many canals nice to go around by foot or bicycle. But Negombo is especially known for its colorful fish market that I could only see in the late afternoon, almost empty.


Only one afternoon was enough for me to discover this smiling village and its friendly people. After a carrot soup and a looong sleep I was in the mood again to discover the country the following day.

My Tips:

  • Negombo is more expensive than other places because it is the first place where tourists go when they arrive and they still don’t know the prices in Sri Lanka.
  • A tuk tuk from the airport to Negombo costs 600 rials. It will be difficult to get this price when you arrive at the airport because they know that you are new. It should be OK to get this price when you are leaving the country, if you negotiate well.