26 March 2023

Laos: conclusion and tips




  • 12 days;

  • travelled by car, bicycle, tuk tuk, boat, kayak and plane;

  • 3 scarfs-souvenir bought 🙂

  • a pair of legs completely burnt (that’s what happens when you don’t put sun screen on a kayak day trip!);

  • 1 damn caterpillar attack;

  • 3 dolphins spotted;

  • 5 waterfalls.

What I liked MOST

  • Low key destination, still not spoiled by tourism;

  • Eco tourism and hill-tribe treks;

  • People’s smiles;

  • Luang Prabang, fantastic place!


What I liked LEAST

  • If you travel by public transportation, most of the bus routes force you to go through Vientiane.


 Useful Information :

  • Both Laos and Cambodia visas are available on arrival and you need to pay it in dollars or Thai bahts so bring some cash;

  • On the way back to Cambodia, we crossed the border by bus. Before starting the journey, the bus driver asked the passengers some extra bucks “to help with the visas formalities and shorten the waiting time” at the border. All the passengers accepted except the Frenchies: we kept our passports and when we arrived at the border went to the police post to do the visa stamp by ourselves. At the end, we all finished more or less at the same time so there was no need to pay extra money to the bus driver 😉

My Laos Pictures :


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