28 March 2023

Mali: conclusions and tips


  • 12 days;

  • 35C temperature;

  • 2 visas;

  • 1 trek;

  • Traveled by plane, jeep, ferry and pinasse;

  • Tons of dust eaten;

  • Hundreds of kids-pictures taken.

What I liked MOST

  • Its different Mali tribes, with their colorful costumes;

  • Mali ’s colorful markets, where all the tribes meet to sell and exchange their products;

  • Its unique mud architecture;

  • Sunsets from Niger River shores;

  • Kids’ smiles.

What I liked LEAST

  • Long distances and bad roads;

  • Mali local food;

  • People are not very welcoming with tourists;

  • All the “road-fees” paid to police to let us go on;

  • Touaregs were very aggressive with tourists who did not buy them souvenirs.