Montenegro: conclusions and tips




  • 3 days;

  • 1 hike;

  • 1 car;

  • 1 ferry;

  • 1 spa;

  • 1 big fail.


What I liked MOST:

  • The diversity of the country, despite its size;

  • A really beautiful country;

  • Autumn colors;

  • The Balkans;

  • Its Mediterranean fjiords;

  • Good fish by the sea, excellent meat on the mountains;

  • Wine (reds and whites);

  • Cheap prices;

  • Montenegrins are the world tallest people, with an average height for males of nearly 186 cm.



What I liked LEAST:

  • Language barrier. Few people speak English;

  • Shy people, compared to their Croatian neighbors. They don’t look for the contact with visitors;

  • Huge cruise boats blocking the ports;

  • Car dependence.

Useful Information :

  • Passport is compulsory to enter Montenegro;

  • Local currency is Euro;

  • For transportation times, don’t underestimate Montenegro’s size. Most of the roads are through the mountains and driving times are long.


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