26 March 2023

Oman: conclusion and tips


  • 15 days;

  • 2 visa entries;

  • 2 cars;

  • 2 trips to Sur;

  • 1 pharyngitis;

  • 1 big fail;

  • 1 baby turtle rescued πŸ™‚

What I liked MOST

  • The sunny and hot weather while it is winter in Paris πŸ™‚

  • Many different landscapes;

  • Omanis, when you find them, are very kind;

  • Men are dressed in traditional dishdasha (shirt-dress) + white hat;

  • The multi fruit juice of Mutrah’s Fastfood β€˜n’ Juice Centre.

What I liked LEAST

  • Expensive country for backpackers;

  • No public transportation;

  • In some places there is very limited accommodation: poor quality hotels and they make you pay what they want!

  • Too many Indians (not good to practice my Arabic πŸ™ )

Useful Information :

  • Two visa options: 10 days or less visa (5 OR) and 10 days or more (20 OR). If you plan to visit the Emirates during your Oman trip, schedule it in the middle of your stay in Oman and pay 2x 5 OR visas instead of 1x 20 OR visa;

  • In high season, book your 4WD car in advance.

My Oman Pictures :


2013 12 OMAN