26 March 2023

On the road to the South (again)

Happy New Year! The first day of the year we changed our small car for a 4WD car because we wanted to explore the south better. Our first stop on the road was the Sinkhole Park, a nice spot to take one picture or two. This sinkhole is basically a deep hole (the depth is unknown) of blue-green sweet water, just few meters from the sea.


Back to the road, the spot chosen for a picnic lunch was Wadi Shab, in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in Oman. To reach the wadi one must take a boat to the opposite shore. Then a nice walk starts, which leads you through terraced plantations, pools and waterfalls.


Climbing rocks up and down was not a good thing for my knee so after the lunch break I chose a nice spot to wait for my travel mate, who decided to walk further. At sunset we arrived at Sur where we spent the night (again).