28 March 2023

Oslo sightseeing

After an interesting (but also exhausting) Saturday full of museums, on Sunday I preferred to discover Oslo’s main see sights. Oslo city center is not big and it is easily done by foot. Some of its major landmarks are the Oslo Cathedral, the National Theater and the Royal Palace, at the end of the main avenue.


Being spring, we had the bonus of many colorful tulips spread everywhere in the city, I liked especially the black ones. There are also few suburbs with a more traditional architecture (wooden houses are forbidden downtown) which deserve a short detour.


After lunch we went to Vigeland Sculpture Park for a stroll. This is a park decorated with hundreds of sculptures by the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. Vigeland’s style is definitely not my cup of tea but the fact that all sculptures are made by one single artist gives a great homogeneity to the park and it is a nice place to hang around.


The Sinnataggen (angry boy), I don’t know why, is by far the most popular sculpture in the park and he is represented on many postcards and souvenirs, like an icon of the city. The angry boy has recently developed a shiny left hand, because so many tourists have been holding him, maybe they try to comfort him?




After Vigeland it was time to leave the city to the airport. Oslo was a nice discovery and, despite its crazy prices, I hope to come back to Norway soon to visit other parts of the country . . in summer time!


My Oslo Pictures :


2011 05 OSLO