Scotland: conclusion and tips


  • 8 days;

  • 1 car (Bloody Mary);

  • 3 hikes;

  • 3 castles;

  • 1 broken thumb + 1 sprained ankle (it could have been worse);

  • my first “left driving” 🙂

  • only 1 bag-piper dressed with traditional kilt showing his legs 🙁

  • maaaaany ales 😉

What I liked MOST

  • Landscapes, when the sun shines, are incredibly beautiful;

  • Many hiking and trekking opportunities (weather permitting);

  • Great food. Not only its hamburgers are great, fish and seafood are fantastic as well;

  • Scottish Ales;

  • I love Scottish people!


What I liked LEAST

  • Haggis, their traditional meal, did not convince me, lol;

  • If you want to visit other than the big cities you are car dependent;

  • The awful weather of course! Everybody knows that in Scotland it rains a lot but when you book your flights you secretly hope that there will be an exception during your trip.


Useful Information :

  • Being the main way to move around, book your car in advance.


My Scotland Pictures :


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