Sri Lanka: conclusions and tips


  • 14 days;

  • 30 crazy hours of bus;

  • 7 hours of train;

  • 1 safari;

  • my freakiest flight ever (Colombo – Jeddah);

  • 2 visa cards stolen;

  • 1 pair of sunglasses stolen (If you thief ever read this, I hope you got a conjunctivitis with my sunglasses!);

  • 1 pair of Sri Lanka Ray Ban sunglasses broken.

What I liked MOST

  • The diversity of sights, landscapes and heritage in such a small country;

  • Very easy to get around with public transportation;

  • Life (accommodation, food, transportation) is cheap;

  • Fruit juices and local staples;

  • Ceylan tea, of course 😉

What I liked LEAST

  • Over supply of tourism industry (too many guest houses, too many tuk tuks, too many restaurants);

  • Safaris are “money oriented” instead of “nature oriented”.  They are destroying their natural resources!

  • Bus drivers drive like mads (every time I took a bus I had the feeling of risking my life);

  • Tickets for the main archaeological sites in Cultural Triangle are very expensive (25-30$ each for tourists!);

  • Heat and humidity (+80%) in the north in April.

Useful Information :

  • Two kind of buses : red buses (CTB) are the public buses which are less expensive but more crowded and with more stops; white buses are private buses with a little bit more of comfort and less stops. Tickets are purchased on board;

  • Three kind of classes on trains : the only difference between first and second is that first class has A/C and second class has fans but windows are always open and it is fresh outside. Third class is more crowded. All classes have numbered seats. If you are not taking a night train, third class is enough;

  • During shoulder season (from March to May) there is no need to book accommodation in advance and there is so much supply that  sometimes you can negotiate your price. A room has two prices : with A/C or fan.

My Sri Lanka Pictures :


2014 04 SRI LANKA

2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: conclusions and tips”

  1. I found your blog! I will definitely look at it from time to time to see what you are doing during your round the world trip (I’m so jealous!).

    Sri Lanka looks lovely! And some day I want to visit, even though I’m right now stuck with Ecuador (feel for going there again). However, I know that , like you, I won’t like that the safaris are money oriented and that the admission for foreigners is so high at some places.

  2. Thanks Malena! Too sad that we cannot meet in Ecuador, you are already an expert of this country! Please, keep me updated about your coming trips and happy travels! 🙂

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