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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

This 43km ancient Inca path leading to Machu Picchu is the most famous trek in South America and must be booked well in advance. I did this trek in 2005 and it was very hard to me because I was a little bit sick and weak. Still, I believe that amongst all the possible treks …

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Y el cóndor pasa . . . (at Colca Canyon)

I thought that my most painful bus trip would be my Copacabana – Arequipa trip . . . until I took the bus from Ica to Arequipa. It had been raining a lot in the area and one of the rivers was completely flooded. With no bridge to cross (the local authorities must think it …

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The millenary forest (at PN Conguillío)

Blame that picture . . . I knew I wanted to visit PN Conguillio since I saw a picture of it on a travel magazine dedicated to Chile. The Aracaunia Region is not only the land of Mapuches (1/3 of the population), it is the land of virgin forests where the majestic aracauria (or monkey …

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Mythical Fitz Roy

Our last stop in Argentinian Patagonia was El Chaltén, the closest town to mythical Fitz Roy and a paradise for hikers. On the first day, Alba and I took a shuttle bus to Hostería del Pilar where we started hiking along Río Blanco (8km) with nice views over Glaciar Piedras Blancas. From Campamento Río Blanco …

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Torres del Paine full W Trek (finally!)

Torres del Paine is foreigner hikers’ favourite trek in Patagonia and there are many reasons why: pristine lakes, impressive glaciers and its distinctive “horny” peaks. It is also one of the most organised and accessible parks in Chile, with scheduled transfers from Puerto Natales and also inside the park. In 2011 I did not plan …

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Pali-Aike National Park

This is not a very popular tour but if there is a volcano around I must go and climb it! If you are interested in vulcanology you cannot miss Pali-Aike (=devil’s home in Tehuelche language) National Park. In addition, it offers completely different landscapes from Torres del Paine National Park. Here reds and ochres are …

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W Trek (at Torres del Paine)

Before leaving Paris, I tried to book the W Trek in Torres del Paine through a local agency. The price that they proposed me was so expensive that I had to desist. Once in Chile, after having renounced to PN Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, I found myself with some extra days so I decided …

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The Southernmost trek in the World

Most of the people who get to Navarino Island do it because of its rugged Dientes (teeth) de Navarino, the Southernmost trek in the world. For 53 kilometers, the Navarino Circuit goes through otherworldly landscapes with spartan vegetation and strong winds. This is the last “piece of land” before the legendary Cap Horn and Antarctic …

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