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Georgians have the ability to choose the location for their churches very well and Tsminda Sameba Church is no exception. This XIVth century church, built at 2.200m and with the imposing Mt Kazbek (5.047m) behind, is just SPECTACULAR and it has become the symbol of the country. It seems that its “inaccessibility” was used to …

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Trek through Upper Svaneti

Mestia is surrounded by many 5.000 mountains which are the “real” border between Europe and Asia. At the foot of these mountains, some typical villages offer a very picturesque landscape. We left Mestia early in the morning for a three days trek through Upper Svaneti. The real starting point of the trek was the village …

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Svaneti is a remote area in Caucasus, so remote that even Soviets did not touch it. That allowed locals to keep intact their culture, traditions and even their own language (the Svan). The biggest conglomeration in Svaneti is Mestia, where we arrived after 6 adventurous hours by marshrutky from Zugdidi. Mestia is a cute “town” …

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