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A paradise on Earth

A little island with no cars or traffic lights. Pristine beaches, waterfalls, deep jungle, nice hikes. Sunset barbecues on the beach, night talks with the help of some caipirinhas and good music until the end of the day. Is this a dream? Is this the paradise? No, this place is very real and it is …

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I could not leave Colombia for the second time without visiting Tierradentro. This is the second most important archaeological site in Colombia, famous for its hypogea (underground tombs) unique in America. But Tierradentro was far from Bogotá so I did a technical stop at Villavieja, to visit again the Tatacoa Desert. Technically speaking, Tatacoa Desert …

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Back to the mountains

After considering all the possible options and more, I decided to go up to Bogotá again through the West. Even if I tried different times, Colombia’s volcanoes were still a “pending subject” for me and I did not want to leave the country without visiting at least one of them. I took a flight from …

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Zona Cafetera (again and again)

The next stop on this Colombian trip was Salento, in the heart of Zona Cafetera. Salento is a small town with typical architecture paisa, a “far west” feeling and with beautiful views of the surrounding valleys, a must of Colombia! In this region, a coffee tour is almost compulsory so I decided to visit the …

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Western Colombia

I arrived to Colombia by land, crossing theTulcan – Ipiales border and after one night spent in the (forgettable) city of Pasto, I reached Popayan, my first Colombian stop. Popayan is a nice and quiet colonial town. It is called “la blanca” because most of its buildings are whitewashed and if the sky is blue …

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Lake Titicaca

The turquoise waters of Titicaca Lake are a magnet as powerful as the Andes or el Altiplano. Colorful people living on floating islands, ancient local customs and some off the beaten path remains are a delight for photographers and show another side of Perú and Bolivia as interesting as its colonial cities or its main …

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The millenary forest (at PN Conguillío)

Blame that picture . . . I knew I wanted to visit PN Conguillio since I saw a picture of it on a travel magazine dedicated to Chile. The Aracaunia Region is not only the land of Mapuches (1/3 of the population), it is the land of virgin forests where the majestic aracauria (or monkey …

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Mythical Fitz Roy

Our last stop in Argentinian Patagonia was El Chaltén, the closest town to mythical Fitz Roy and a paradise for hikers. On the first day, Alba and I took a shuttle bus to Hostería del Pilar where we started hiking along Río Blanco (8km) with nice views over Glaciar Piedras Blancas. From Campamento Río Blanco …

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The Moais of Easter Island

After two flights and more than a 24 hours trip, I finally landed at Mataveri Airport, the most remote airport in the world (2603km from the nearest other airport) and the only gateway to Easter Island. At the arrivals the owners of the hotel booked were waiting for me with a welcoming flower necklace: yes, …

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Auckland (and the 3 volcanoes climbing challenge)

We arrived to Auckland on Friday afternoon and it was time to say good bye to Nathalie and the car. After four weeks on the road and sleeping in camp sites, I felt I deserved a small single room all for myself so I booked 3 nights at Auckland YMCA, time enough to discover the …

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