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Dec 27 2012

The day when I played Pictionary at the hospital (part two)

The day started with a super breakfast cooked by our guide. When we finished, the visits arrived again: they opened the door without knocking or asking permission, came in, stared there observing and then they left. They were very curious about my walking pole which magically became longer or shorter, lol We left the village with the company …

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Dec 26 2012

Trekking in Luang Namtha (part one)

One of the MUSTs in Laos is a Hill Tribe Trek : gorgeous landscapes while walking and this is also the best way to know something more about the ethnic groups of the country. In Laos there are something like 134 different ethnic groups so you have the choice! The region of Luang Namtha is at only …

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May 11 2012

Zagros Mountains

We left Espahan direction to Shiraz, the starting point of our trek through Zagros Mountains. From Paris we had contacted Abdullah, a trek guide who knew the area very well. He proposed us a 3 days trek through nice landscapes between 2.400 and 3.500 metres. The Zagros Mountain range is Iran’s largest mountain range,  about …

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Dec 26 2011

W Trek (at Torres del Paine)

Before leaving Paris, I tried to book the W Trek in Torres del Paine through a local agency. The price that they proposed me was so expensive that I had to desist. Once in Chile, after having renounced to PN Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, I found myself with some extra days so I decided …

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Sep 03 2010

Simien Mountains

The National Park of Simien Mountains is a great break during the Historical Route. Gorgeous valleys, canyons, rivers and mountains . . . at an average altitude of 3.300m are a delight for photographers and trekkers. In Simien Mountains you will also find three endemic animal species of Ethiopia: Walias, Simien Jakals and the so funny Baboons. I decided to do …

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Dec 31 2007

Hiking on the Land of Dogons (Cliff of Bandigara)

After some busy cities, it was time for some trekking in rural Mali. The Cliff of Bandiagara (Land of the Dogons) is located about 80 km east of Mopti.  It is a dramatic sandstone cliff, up to 500 metres high and 150 km long, with a high plateau above and sandy semi-desert plains below. This 3-day …

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