Georgian food

Georgia has interesting local dishes. The most original one is khachapuri, a kind of cheese pie  made in different ways, depending on the region. The most common khachapuri is khachapuri acharuli, a large boat-shaped pie with melted cheese inside and topped with butter and a runny egg. Perfect for weight watchers, 🙂


My favorite dishes were khinkali  (spicy dumplings, usually filled with minced meat) and chebureki, triangular pies stuffed with minced meat. Chebureki was really hard to finish so I ordered khinkali most of the time. I also enjoyed aubergines, which are prepared in many different ways. One of my friends liked to taste e-ve-ry-thing so at the end of the trip I could make an extensive food catalog 🙂


Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine (been made here for 7.000 years) and the red one is real good. Wine has an important role in Georgian culture and Georgians take their time to enjoy it with friends and family. Tbilisi has many wineries and it was a pleasure to stop for a glass at any time of the day.

Most known beer is Kazbegi which is nothing special but always good during a hot day or after a hike!

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My tips :

  • In Tbilisi there is Shemoikhede Genatsvale, at Kote Abkhazi 25. This tavern ambiance restaurant is a good introduction to Georgian cuisine, with sooo many local dishes that it will be difficult to choose only one! It also has interesting beers and yummy cakes for desert. It is a very popular restaurant for locals and it is usually very crowded at night so come early, if not you risk to wait outside for a while;
  • In Mestia there is Laila’s, in the town’s central square. Great local food and nice staff, even if the service is a little slow. If it is not too cold,  the terrace outside is the perfect place for chilling out after your hike;
  • In Kutaisi go to Merzaani Brewery, at Rustaveli 9. This is a place for tasting different kinds of beers but also a restaurant with a long list of local dishes. Mirzaani’s home made beer was very bad and I had to change my order but the other beers are good!


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