Happy birthday in Bogotá

During the trip in Colombia, we passed by Bogotá many times but never stopped to visit the city until the last day, before taking the flight back to Paris. There is no need to say that a capital city of almost 8 million of inhabitants cannot be visited in some hours but that’s life!

Our hostel was in Barrio de la Candelaria, the historic suburb which we tried to discover during the morning. We did not want to leave Colombia without visiting something about Botero, one of the most distinguished citizens of Colombia, so the Museo Botero was our first stop for about one hour or so.





After wandering for a while through the colorful streets of La Candelaria, we thought that we had seen it all until we entered the Museo del Oro (the gold museum). This is one of the most interesting museums that I have visited lately, not only because of the quality and richness of its collection (more than 55.000 pieces of gold), also because the objects were very well displayed by subject or by pre-Hispanic cultures  with many informative panels.


Everybody talks about inkas, aztecas etc but I could not imagine that in Colombia there were so many pre-Hispanic cultures , very different between them.  A very interesting and impressive collection of gold that people should not miss while visiting Colombia. The most preciate treasure of the museum is the gold boat, also called “Balsa Muisca”. It is impossible to know when this piece was created because it is done  with pure gold so cannot be carbon dated.


No need to say that these two museums were a good way to spend my birthday day 🙂

Colombia was on the top of my wish list for long time. For different reasons I had to postpone my trip to Colombia twice and my expectations before arriving were very high. Sometimes when you have great expectations reality can disappoint you but that was not the case for me in Colombia. I found a beautiful and varied country with very welcoming people (speaking their language helps). My two weeks in Colombia showed me only a glimpse of what the country has to offer in terms of landscape, culture and historical sights. Colombia is a country that  will always be in my heart and that I hope to visit again soon.

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