Hiking above the city (Southern Ridges Walk)

Although the country is highly urbanized and little of the original vegetation remains, Singapore is doing a great effort to grow greener. This can be done by building gardens on the rooftops and facades of high-rise buildings.

Singapore is dotted with parks and nature areas but often roads and developments separate them. What if they could link these green spaces up? With this idea in mind, an extensive 300km park connector network is being developed all around the island to do just that, to create a greater sense of space and bring people closer to nature.

I spent my last day in Singapore hiking, at the Southern Ridges. With bridges built to link the hilltops, this is a 9km walk through the hills that connects Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. Several parts of the trail are suspended high above the jungle and other parts cross busy highways. Walking always above the city, this is also one of the best spots to catch panoramic views of the city, harbour and the Southern Islands.



If you like hiking, you cannot miss this urban trail. One of its main sights are Henderson Waves, a structure connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Standing at 36m above Henderson Road, it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and frequently visited for its distinctive wave-like structure.



But I preferred the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk – bridges cutting through the Adinandra Belukar, a distinct type of secondary forest.



The walk is flat, easy and there is plenty of shade but don’t forget to cover your head and plenty of water, the sun in Singapore beats hard!

My Tips :

  • I found easier to start from East to West, the West edge was a little bit confusing for me. To reach the Eastern edge, take the MTR to Harbour Front, exit D. Cross the road and walk a little bit to the right, you will find something like the first picture of this post.
  • The full walk takes from 2.5 to 3 hours, allowing plenty of time to take pictures.

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