Nuwara Eliya

My first stop on the Hill Country was Nuwara Eliya, the spot chosen by the British to escape the heat of the lowlands. It was here where they started developing successfully the tea cultivation in Sri Lanka, the famous tea of Ceylan. Sir Thomas Lipton, for example, started his huge tea business buying his own plantation in Sri Lanka. Today, the village is an interesting mix of British colonial architecture, tea plantations and mountains around.



I arrived at Nuwara Eliya late in the afternoon and after leaving my backpack at the guesthouse chosen I headed to the main road to take some architecture pictures, before dusk. Once there was nothing else to do in terms of light, I went on walking along the main road, with no direction. At the end of the road I saw some locals waiting . . .

– ‘What are you waiting for?’

– ‘Oh, some elephants’, was the answer.

Few elephants was not my idea of fun but in a town like that one there was not much else to do so I did like locals and I waited . . .

What I saw was a fantastic parade with dancers, acrobats of any kind, fire men . . and of course, there were few elephants which, by the way, looked like robots with all that decoration on. A great and colorful show performed to close the New Year’s celebrations. In Sri Lanka New Year starts with April poya (new moon) and Sinhalese celebrate it for two weeks (call them stupid!). How lucky I was to be there at the right time!


The following day I went to visit Pedro Tea State, a tea factory which processes a light kind of black tea. The guided visit was shortish but interesting, especially the cup of tea at the end with views over all those beautiful tea plantations!



Why Tea is good for YOU :

  • Tea contains antioxidants and health promoting ingredients, which can lower the risk of heart diseases, strokes, cancer and tooth decay;
  • Tea stimulates the central nervous system, thereby increasing the alertness, decreasing the drowsiness and fatigue;
  • Tea is a caloric free beverage without added preservatives or colouring agents;
  • Therefore, tea will not only refresh and revive you but also help to lead a healthy life.
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