Few Premises . . .


You are so lucky . . .

Since I announced that I am going to do a World Tour, I have heard this little phrase many times . Oh, you are soooo lucky . . . Quelle chance! Collons, quina sort . . .

Who, me? Why? I have not won the lottery. I don’t have super powers. No fairy godmother has touched me with her wand, either.

Do you really think that gook LUCK comes like this? You born lucky? Or one day, when you wake up, you realize (or others do it for you) that you are lucky?

For those that think that I am lucky: do you know by chance how many (short term, hopefully!) renunciations meant this one single choice?

No, I AM NOT A LUCKY GIRL. I am just a dreamer that one day decided to put a precise date to my World Tour dream 😉


Playing with the Antipodes

Box populi may expect a JAMES COOK or NOTHING from me, a blog full of stories of great explorations, challenges and new discoveries.

A World Tour must include all continents and of course at a certain point I must reach Australia or, even better, play Gauguin on some far-away exotic island.

Let me use these first lines to reassure my mum : all I want is a quiet, and safe long trip where my only worries may be where I will sleep tonight or what to visit today. I want to have time for myself, develop a little bit more my passion for photography, trek the finest paths but most of all I want to share good moments with my friends (the old ones and new friends met on the road) around the world.

Am I going to the Antipodes? NO. Well, at least I am not going to the Antipodes of Paris. But maybe I am going to the Antipodes of Singapore . . who knows?

Play with Antipodes — find the other side of the world.


Isn’t it dangerous?

If you think

adventure is dangerous

try routine.

It is lethal…

(Paulo Coelho)

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