My backpack

These are my two backpacks!

The big backpack is a Deuter Aircontact PRO 60+15 which I hope not to full completely. This is a fantastic backpack, the Ferrari of all backpacks! It is very comfortable even carrying heavy loads. Its inconvenience: it weights 3.100 g empty, this is too much.

The small backpack is  the Futura 28, also from Deuter. I love this backpack! This is exactly what I was looking for: an airy day backpack that I can also use for 1-2 days treks plus it is very beautiful. Its only inconvenience: unlike the Aircontact, it does not come with rain cover, I had to bought it apart and it takes some space in it.


What to put inside, the PACKING LIST, is one of the most difficult (if not painful) parts of the WT Organisation because I need equipment for different seasons, weathers and activities. My target for the big backpack was <12.5 Kg but considering that it weights 3.1 Kg by itself it looked like an impossible mission . .

After few attempts and some renunciations, I gave up trying at 14.5 kg (big backpack) and 6 kg (day backpack). Both backpacks are heavier than I expected but I can always abandon some things during the trip to make them lighter 😉

182066092WebDuring the WT I hope to do many treks and hikes so some specific items, like hiking boots, trek pole and rain trousers are necessary. I am not carrying my sleeping bag, this is something I will rent on site. Instead, I am taking a sleeping bag liner.

I love photography so I could not imagine leaving without my reflex. I am bringing my two cameras, a compact and a reflex (950 g , by the way) but I am leaving all my lenses and other gadgets at home (I will use only one standard lens).

Updating and sharing this blog with you means that I need a mini computer, which I bought for the occasion. That’s the pink case. I hate the color but it was 5€ cheaper than the black one, lol. The small red case is an external disk to have a second copy of my pictures just in case (I suppose I will become paranoiac about loosing my pictures).

Unfortunately, I cannot travel with an electronic guidebook so I am leaving with my China Lonely Planet paper version. China guidebook will be replaced by Indonesia guidebook and then by Myanmar guidebook and so on.

I tried to optimize my pharmacy. Still, it is a very complete pharmacy. I know my body’s flaws and being allergic to penicillin I prefer to travel with my antibiotics. I also have a complete first aid kit.

My sandals will be replaced by my sport shoes in Australia.


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