Driving along Tara River

The Tara River Canyon is the longest canyon in Montenegro and, with 1.300 meters at its deepest, it is also the deepest river canyon in Europe. We are still in Durmitor National Park but at lower altitudes, so the landscape was different in which dominating species is black pine (Pinus Nigra). Average age of these pines is 400 years and some of them have reached 50 m high.


 Unfortunately we had a long road trip before us that day and we did not have the time to enjoy any of the exciting river activities that Tara River has to offer. However we did not miss the opportunity to take lots of pictures from the arched Djurjebica Tara Bridge and enjoy the countryside around Tara River. Again, I was amazed by the autumn colors that the region had to offer : reds, yellows, oranges . . . and the road along the Tara Canyon was an extraordinary drive. For me, since my previous trip to Slovenia, also in October, autumn time meant going East.

‘One has to see at least once during the lifetime the beautiful Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, those arches above rocky abyss, that miracle made by human hands; concrete path, floating 150m above the river, strongly tied up for the canyon shores, elegant, slender, above three fountains. Unforgettable bridge!’ – By Dusan Kostic.



Not far from Tara bridge, on the Tara’s left bank, there is Dobrilovina Monastery, a XVII century Serbian Orthodox monastery dedicated to S. George and with a lovely location. It is worth a short stop to admire its frescoes, especially the ones inside the small chapel at the entrance of the monastery.



Then I think that we almost crossed half of the country that day, with short stops to Podgorica, the capital city, and lake Skadar, a natural border between Montenegro and Albania. Unfortunately we arrived at Sveti Stefan (a tiny wow! island home of a small community of fishermen turned today into a luxury hotel) too late for the pictures. However, the island was closed for a major restoration so it will be the perfect excuse to come back to Montenegro one day 😉


That night we slept in Dubrovnik


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