Vietnam: conclusions and tips

  • 16 days;

  • traveled by plane, bus, bed-bus, motorcycle, bicycle and boat ;

  • 1 boat cruise;

  • 1 cooking class and some new recipes 😉

  • 1 blue Chinese lamp bought as a souvenir 🙂

  • No scarfs bought this time 🙁

What I liked MOST

  • The food. I LOVED Vietnamese food;

  • Kind people;

  • Good prices for backpackers;

  • It is very easy to travel around;

What I liked LEAST

  • Too many tourists (and tourists stalkers);

  • The weather. I was not lucky with it (no blue skies 🙁 )

  • Motorbikes everywhere.  Crazy traffic. The pollution;

  • Not as exotic as its neighbor countries.


Useful Information :

  • Domestic flights are very cheap, especially if you book them in advance, and save you many travel hours on the road;

  • Vietnamese charge you at the beginning 3 times the real price just because you are a tourist. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate everything;

  • It seems there is a general overbooking problem with night buses so do some research on forums before buying something and “fight” if necessary to get what you booked at the departure time;

  • Vietnam is a very touristy destination so if you are heading to its main destinations, especially in important dates, book well in advance.

My Vietnam Pictures :


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