Glasgow with a sprained ankle

The previous day was spent driving down to Glasgow. That was the best program for my ankle which could have a rest for a full day. After a good sleep, it was time to visit Glasgow, a traditionally “popular” and industrial city which during the last decade was “rediscovered” and entirely renewed. Few historical sites, great Victorian and Modern Architecture and plenty of museums and art galleries were on the menu for that day. Glasgow is also famous for its club culture, pubs and top restaurants and it has a famous Jazz Festival so it must be difficult to get bored in a city like this one.


I was especially interested in learning a little bit more about the great architect Mackintosh and his inspiring (Art Nouveau) work. After a walking tour around the main avenues of Glasgow, we visited the Lighthouse, Mackintosh’s first building designed in 1.893 for Glasgow Herald’s headquarters. The exhibition dedicated to his life and work on the third floor was fantastic and a good introduction before visiting his works spread over the city. Unfortunately, with my swollen ankle, my “Mackintosh discovery” finished there and I had to change Mackintosh’s House, School of Arts or Willow tearooms for a fresh ale in a local pub 🙁 . I don’t complain too much!

After lunch, the visit of Glasgow finished at the Gallery of Modern Art, famous for its statue of cone-wearing Duke of Wellington. Pranksters that transformed the Duke in one of the 10 Most bizarre monuments in the world (by Lonely Planet) may have met their Waterloo because, after 30 years, the city council is determined to finish with this tradition. That day, despite the rain, the Duke had no hat but he was elegantly dressed with an orange scarf. At the Gallery my friend visited the temporary exhibition while I took some rest downstairs in the public library. Surrounded by hundreds of Lonely Planets, time flew by too fast trying to decide which would be my next destination 😉


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