Week End in Dubai

At Khasab, we did not want to loose the opportunity to visit Dubai in the UAE, which was at only two hours by car. The problem? Public transportation was 0. At the hotel we asked for a private taxi to our next destination but he wanted us to pay 180€ for the run! No deal, we decided to do hitch hiking.

We were very lucky because after five minutes a local car took us from the hotel to the port where, they told us, we could have more opportunities to find somebody going to Dubai. Ten minutes later, a truck stopped and picked us up. He was an Indian guy from Pashmina who worked for Lulu supermarkets. He did that same road every day transporting Lulu’s goods from Muscat to Musandam and I suppose he was happy to have some company. It was nice to have views of Musandam Peninsula from that point of view (up from the truck cabin) and the one hour or so ride passed very quickly. Our friend dropped us at the border and we arrived to the border police on foot.

-Hello, we are coming to see Burj Al Khalifa . . .

-Are you traveling by car or by bicycle?

-Just our feet! 🙂

We needed two more cars (the last guy wanted to give us some money!) and a 45 minutes bus ride to get to Dubai, at a reasonable time. Once in Dubai we chose an apart hotel, where we could cook for ourselves during the next two days. That allowed us to save money in restaurants and eat other than kebabs!

The afternoon was spent doing some sightseeing around the modern part of the city. I wanted to see Burj Al Arab very much, the sail-shaped hotel which is also an architectural icon of the city. That was the chosen place for my “50th country visited” commemorative picture.


At night, we stopped at Dubai Mall which has 1.200 stores! I am not a shopping girl but this mall and all its luxury shops impressed me a lot. I could have been there hours and hours, shops were very beautiful.


From Dubai Mall you can access to Burj Khalifa, which with its 828m is the tallest building in the world. Even if I did not like its shape a lot I could not deny that it was very impressive, especially at night! Arab people like to think big . . .



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