25 March 2023

Singapore: conclusions and tips




  • 6 days;

  • 30+ °C every day;

  • traveled by metro, metro and metro;

  • 1 hike;

  • 3 Indian temples and 1 Chinese temple;

  • thousands of orchids;

  • 2 shopping malls.

What I liked MOST

  • Very clean city;

  • Its diversity.There are four official languages, English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil, and the country promotes multiculturalism through a range of official policies.;

  • Its public transportation;

  • The combination of contemporary and historical sights.


What I liked LEAST

  • The humidity;

  • Its size.


Useful Information :

  • The metro’s tourist unlimited card is convenient only if you do more than 5 journeys a day;

  • Gardens By the Bay is free except the two domes (25$) and the walkway through the trees (5$);

  • Hawkers centres have interesting meals at cheap prices,

One thought on “Singapore: conclusions and tips

  1. Hola …Jà estic visionant el teu blog….El de Singapur perque estic fent el treball que et vaig dir.

    Les fotos son molt xules.

    T`hi enviat un correo que hi ha un concurs de fotográfia havian si t’ agrada.

    Petons Papa

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