Another piece of Paradise (in Paraty)

The Brazilian Costa Verde is full of beautiful gems and maybe Paraty is my favourite one. Not as wild as Ilha Grande, Paraty’s main charm is its historical centre, an ensemble of cobbled streets, whitewashed little churches and other beautiful houses. After feeling awkward (in a photographic sense) in Rio, in Paraty I could take out my big canon again and enjoy some photographic walks.





But nature is never far from Paraty either. Located amid jutting peninsulas and surrounded by jungled mountains, there are countless hiking, cycling and sea activities around the city. This time I took a day cruise to explore the closest beaches (reachable only from the sea) and do some snorkeling. The boat was very big but for the same price we had live music (samba, bossanova . .) on board, perfect for sailing Paraty’s turquoise waters on a sunny day.



Enjoying nice architecture and beautiful sunsets my last (quiet) days in Brazil were finished. It was time now to take a couple of flights and visit one of the wonders of this World.


My Tips :

  • I had a great time at the hostel Che Lagarto Paraty, with different open and indoor spaces and great staff;
  • Bring good shoes, these cobbled streets are very beautiful but a hell to walk!

3 thoughts on “Another piece of Paradise (in Paraty)”

  1. Another lovely place! I think I must go to the library tomorrow to borrow a guide book about Brazil!

  2. Yeah lovely architecture surrounded by beautiful nature. Do you have already a date for your next Peruvian trip?

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