Indonesia: conclusions and tips


  • 26 days;

  • traveled by plane, ferry, car, becak, shuttle, bus, train, boat, motorbike and bicycle;

  • 4 /13.000 islands visited (I haven’t seen all . . );

  • 4 volcanoes;

  • 8 temples;

  • 2 volcano sunrises and 1 temple sunrise;

  • 1 Scuba Diver Certificate, my first two dives!;

  • tons of krutuk eaten 🙂

What I liked MOST

  • Indonesian cuisine;

  • Plurality and richness of its culture;

  • Volcanoes, so impressive!;

  • Everybody speaks English (plus Bahasa Indonesia is easy to learn);

  • Cheap country for travelers;

  • Smiling people.


What I liked LEAST

  • BALI;

  • Drunken Australian tourists in Kuta;

  • Garuda Indonesia: never again will book a flight ticket with them!;

  • Becak drivers who gave me false information about tourist sights just to try to sell me their alternative tour;

  • Volcanoes, so steep! lol;

  • Information can change fast (what was not available 2 min before can be suddenly available if you complain);

  • Cities are not thought for pedestrians, with few traffic lights and walkways bad entertained (or blocked by the shops’ stuff).

Useful Information :

  • When buying ALWAYS negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. First price can be 3 times the final price;

  • In Kuta area there are many robberies, being the I phone 5 their special target, and police won’t help. Watch your belongings and avoid handbags (easy to catch from a motorcycle);

  • If you want to join an organised tour or watch a show, book it through the Tourist Information Point, they always work with reliable companies;

  • If you are traveling with a group of friends, sometimes is more convenient to hire a car with driver than joining a tour. Ask for prices at your guesthouse.

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